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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cynthia/Cutie 7th Pre-Order Spree (CLOSED)

Status Update:-
2/10/2010 - Order submitted
5/10/2010 - Payment made to seller
16/11/2010 - All items have been sent out to buyers

Hi Gals! Cynthia and Cutie Fashion Pre-order Spree is back!

Click on the links below and start shopping now! =)

-----> CYNTHIA 星希亞

(Please note that Cynthia/Cutie does not accept overseas order for
'Ready Stock下殺8折! ~ 現貨特賣區'  items)


Closing date: 30th September (Closed!)

Minimum Quantity: 15 pcs
(Cutie & Cynthia combined MOQ)

Price Calculation:
Item price NT$ x 0.116 + RM10/pc + Local Postage (Poslaju)
Eg: (NT290 x 0.116) + RM10 = RM43.64 + Local Postage

Note: Additional charge of RM2/pc is required for item that is heavier than 400g (such as heavy jacket, long pants, jeans, etc.). Items from Autumn series such as long sleeves and knitted shirts may require additional charge too.

How to Order:
Please click 'How to Pre-Order' for more details!


If you do not understand Mandarin, you may make your enquiry to us anytime, or use the website online translator:

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