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Friday, June 11, 2010

Cynthia/Cutie 6th Pre-Order Spree (CLOSED)

6 July 2010 - Order sent to cutie/cynthia
9 July 2010 - Payment made to cutie/cynthia
24 July 2010 - Awaiting for stocks:-
【0CZ1558】0622純粹美學~浪漫姿態~抓摺感荷葉領造型束腰雪紡背(卡/白/藍) 350
8 August 2010 - Items had been sent out from Taiwan.
17 August 2010 - Items sent out to all buyers.

Hi Gals! Cynthia and Cutie Fashion Pre-order Spree is back!

Click on the links below and start shopping now! =)

-----> CYNTHIA 星希亞


Closing date: 30th June (CLOSED)

Minimum Quantity: 15 pcs
(Cutie & Cynthia combined MOQ)

Price Calculation:
Item price NT$ x 0.116 + RM10/pc + Local Postage (Poslaju)
Eg: (NT290 x 0.116) + RM10 = RM43.64 + Local Postage

Note: Additional charge of RM2/pc is required for item that is heavier than 400g (such as heavy jacket, long pants, jeans, etc.)

How to Order:
Please click 'How to Pre-Order' for more details!


If you do not understand Mandarin, you may make your enquiry to us anytime, or use the website online translator:

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